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Quanta SMF/VRLA Battery Dealer in Uttarakhand

Quanta SMF/VRLA Battery Dealer Uttarakhand

A high performance battery called VRLA SMF Batteries from Quanta SMF/VRLA Battery Uttarakhand was created to fulfill the needs of numerous industrial applications. Depending on the application, the various battery ranges’ modular designs may accommodate a wide range of capacities.

Moreover, the tubular gel VRLA battery is a well-tested device made to satisfy the strict requirements of a wide range of applications. These cutting-edge batteries are perfect for Telecom BTS facilities' regular cycle and severe discharge requirements. These batteries have a great cycle life (far better than Flat plate AGM VRLA batteries) and perform well when operated in a partially charged state. For telecom BTS installations with unstable grid power or sites without grid power, tubular Gel VRLA batteries are a great fit.

On the other hand, these batteries don't need maintenance and don't need a temperature-controlled space. As a result, the network operator can dramatically reduce the energy costs (OPEX) associated with cooling a network site.

In addition, our Quanta SMF/VRLA Battery Uttarakhand batteries also provide a quicker recharge capability to reduce the amount of time that diesel generators must operate following deep discharge cycles, reducing fuel costs (OPEX) as well as shortening the payback period.